Industrial valves keep water flowing and the Dubai landscape green

Delta Power Electrical
Irrigation networks for major attractions in Dubai to maintain and manage the flow of treated water to pump stations and into local pipleines
Dubai infrastructure


The valves, supplied by Delta Power Electrical which specialise in providing support services across the Middle East, are a key element in the irrigation networks for major attractions including the Dubai Parks and Resorts, the world class Dubai Opera in the Downtown Dubai opera district and the supply of water to landscaping around entrances, pathways and accommodation for World Expo 2020. 


The resilient seated Gate Valves, Butterfly and Air Release Valves,were custom designed by Conex  Bänninger to cope with the arid desert conditions in the UAE. The valves, manufactured in IBP’s purposebuilt factories, are a key element in the irrigation networks for major attractions including the Dubai Parks and Resorts integrated theme parks and the world class Dubai  Opera in the Downtown Dubai opera district.

Delta Power Electrical is also using Conex Bänninger valves for the irrigation network that will supply water for landscaping around entrances, pathways and accommodation for Expo 2020, the world fair site being developed in four phases. It will be the first time the World Expo, with the theme 'Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, will have been held in the MENA & SA (Middle East and North Africa & South Asia) region.

Nitin Sinha, Business Head for Delta Power Electrical, said: “These are hugely significant projects and it is really important that the right surroundings are created and maintained around them, particularly when we are talking about parks and resorts. These areas are in what would otherwise be desert but they need to be kept green, which is achieved by using treated water from the sewage and drainage network.

“The harsh environment required a bespoke solution. Conex Bänninger worked with us for six to eight months, offering a range of technical advice and have developed a custom portfolio of products for the Dubai market because conditions are a lot harder here than in Europe.”

"Higher grades of metal were used to manufacture the valves; they are not something normally run off  the production line. They also come with a five-year warranty.”

Delta Power’s expertise, coupled with Conex Bänninger’s technical capabilities, helped meet the exacting requirements of the Dubai Municipality, which set the specifications.

“Obtaining approval from the utility and overcoming this first barrier to entry is a big step. Being able to work with a great company such as Conex Bänninger, which is recognised for excellent quality, is hugely important to the process,” said Nitin.

Conex Bänninger’s industrial products are manufactured using high performance ductile iron, which is resistant to corrosion, and are specifically designed to withstand heavy use whilst meeting all appropriate industry standards and requirements. The resilient seated Gate Valve is a full-bore valve,  which ensures low friction losses and full flow throughout the system, while Air Release Valves operate  continuously to maintain system efficiency and prevent pipeline surges.

Richard Franks, Business Unit Director for the Gulf region for Conex Bänninger, said: “Dubai is home to
some of the most awe inspiring and prestigious development projects in the world. It also has one of the most challenging environments.

"Working closely with Delta Power and its team of highly skilled project engineers and managers, it’s a challenge we’re delighted to meet as we play our part in delivering infrastructure that operates effectively and efficiently in such tough conditions.”

For further information on Conex Bänninger and their range of commercial solutions, please go to conexbanninger.com.