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Conex Bänninger has an established history in pressing solutions, introducing the precursor to today’s >B< Press fitting over 30 years ago. >B< Press is designed to join with a permanent 3-point press, and a leak before press indicator which will cause a visible leak at low initial test pressures. >B< Press is available in copper, carbon steel and stainless steel ranges for specific requirements.

>B< MaxiPro >B< MaxiPro A flame-free 3-point press system for ACR applications up to 48 bar
>B< Press >B< Press Copper flame-free range with a 3-point press system suitable for multiple applications
>B< Press Carbon >B< Press Carbon A carbon steel 3-point press system with a leak before press indicator
>B< Press Carbon XL >B< Press Carbon XL >B< Press Carbon XL is an economical alternative for closed circuit heating and cooling systems.
>B< Press Gas >B< Press Gas A copper 3-point press system for gas, LPG and compressed air
>B< Press Inox XL >B< Press Inox XL >B< Press Inox XL is a flame-free M-profile fitting, manufactured using high quality hygienic stainless steel material.
>B< Press Solar >B< Press Solar An innovative 3-point press system for solar applications
>B< Press XL >B< Press XL >B< Press XL fittings are also compatible with a range of press tools and jaws 68 - 108mm.