Modular Solutions

Modular build Conex Bänninger metal plumbing solutions

Offsite modular solutions

Conex Bänninger have a variety of offsite modular solutions available, also offering a consultation service to review projects and provide quotations. Our product ranges add value to offsite modular solutions such as building risers, modular pipework and prefabricated utility cupboards.

Conex Bänninger product ranges >B< Press ranges for water, gas, solar, carbon and inox, and our valves range are BIM-ready with the objects providing connectivity with offsite modular solutions throughout a building and offering high quality assurance with significant warranty periods. Being BIM ready greatly assists in DfMa (Design for Manufacture and Assembly). ‘By harnessing new digital design processes and aligning them with offsite manufacturing facilities, new and profoundly different design processes will be generated.’1 

Our products are manufactured in a controlled factory environment, producing cost effective quality solutions whilst maintaining strict environmental, waste reduction and health and safety standards. 

Please email: international@ibpgroup.com to discuss your next project.

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