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>B< Press frees up space at prestigious Victorian Andaz Hotel, London

>B< Press
Lee Con Air
267 boutique bedrooms and suites, health club plus 15 conference and event rooms
Hyatt Chain
London, UK
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The Andaz Hotel is part of the Hyatt Chain and located in Liverpool Street, London. Built in 1884, it is one of London’s original railway hotels and is a beautiful Redbrick Victorian building,  designed by the same architects as London’s Houses of Parliament. 


Conex Bänninger’s >B<Press range was used during the project to install an independent cold water supply for the HEVAC drainage system that serves all the guest bedrooms. Work was carried out by Lee Con Air who used both Copper and Red Brass 15mm – 54mm plumbing fittings.

Conex Bänninger >B< Press is quick and easy to use, minimising time on site. Its flame-free installation increases safety especially when working in old andoccupied buildings.

The built-in leak before press indicator identifies any unpressed joints as well as providing a secure 3-point joint when pressed, making it a good choice for large installations. 

For further information on Conex Bänninger and their range of commercial solutions, please go to conexbanninger.com.