Installer uses >B< MaxiPro for major install at 24-hour factory

>B< MaxiPro
Rossi & Lersa
Textile machinery factory
Villa Guardia (CO), Italy
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Production at a busy textile machinery factory in northern Italy was able to continue unhindered while a major new air conditioning system was being installed, thanks to >B< Maxipro fittings for the pipework connections.



Choosing >B<MaxiPro as the jointing solution meant there was no risk of flame on site and, therefore, no need to vacate production areas.

As a 24-hours-a-day operation, halting production was not an option for the factory, located in Villa Guardia in the province of Como.

Instead, installation of the extensive VRV systems went ahead with the  contractor able to work in total safety, completing the job in 60% less time than was initially forecast based on traditional brazing techniques.

The faster installation also meant considerable savings on the overall cost.

Installed were three Daikin VRV IV direct expansion heat pump systems, which supply the air conditioning system, and two Daikin VRV mini-systems connected to two direct expansion air handling units (AHUs) supplying the air exchange plant.

The systems are of medium to high power, with the refrigerant distributed along a total length of around 900 metres of copper piping. The pipework was of varying diameters, from ¼” to 1.3/8”, with >B< MaxiPro fittings used throughout.

The installer explained: “The plant had very narrow areas, small spaces and sections overhead. Using flame-free >B< MaxiPro allowed me to work in complete safety.

“Also, I was very happy with the ease and speed of installation that >B< MaxiPro provides, particularly as we were working on a VRV system that was so important to the factory.” 

>B< MaxiPro is an innovative copper press fitting, designed and manufactured in Europe by Conex Bänninger specially for air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

Suitable for Freon and other gas systems, it is fast and easy to install, while guaranteeing safe, leak-proof joints for operating pressures up to 48 bar.

The fittings solution was recommended by the Luisago branch of plumbing and heating distributor Rossi & Lersa, a choice dictated by technical, practical and safety considerations.

Founded in the 1950s, the factory in Como is active in the design and production of photo-engraving and textile-printing machinery and systems.