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45° Street Elbow


K65 brazed fittings, developed in conjunction with Wieland, enable the simple, safe and economical installation of high pressure refrigeration applications up to 1885 PSI.  The range is particularly suited for use with CO2 (R-744) in transcritical applications as the K65 alloy provides a mechanical strength high enough to withstand the pressure ratings required. 

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Item Code Size Material Bag Quantity Pack Weight
K5040006000000 3/4" Copper 5 0.03
K5040007000000 7/8" Copper 5 0.05
K5040009000000 1.1/8" Copper 5 0.10
K5040011000000 1.3/8" Copper 1 0.19
K5040013000000 1.5/8" Copper 1 0.28