A duplex yellow brass or (DZR) dezincification resistant brass and red brass (gunmetal) compression fitting range manufactured in accordance with EN 1254-2 and 4. Conex Compression is designed to fit with multiple tube types for use in water and gas applications.

The Conex Compression fitting houses a symmetrical compression ring, which provides a seal within the cone of the fitting and cap nut when compressed, providing a two point seal on the tube. Conex Compression unique ribbed pattern cap nuts are supplied in sizes 15mm to 28mm fittings. Sizes 35mm, 42mm and 54mm are supplied with octagonal cap nuts. Fittings in 67mm, 76mm and 108mm sizes incorporate loose compression plates, where tightening is through six 3/8" BSW nuts.  Sizes 6 to 28 mm are supplied with a hex nut (Conex Compression sx).

Conex Compression fittings are available in a nickel or chrome plated finish, and the range includes manifolds and accessories.

Conex Compression Conex Compression The unique ribbed capnut design with multiple tube versatility