Conex Compression


Conex Compression fittings are manufactured from high quality brass materials which ensures a permanently tight and secure connection, without the use of special tooling or additional sealant.  These fittings are suitable for connecting a wide range of tubes, including copper tubes in accordance with EN 1057, carbon steel to EN 10305, stainless steel to EN 10312 and plastic pipes to BS EN 7291, EN 15875 and EN 15876.

Product Enquiry
Item Code Size Material Bag Quantity Pack Weight
EE-5020301CO 15mm DZR Brass 10 0.16
EE-5320301CO 15mm Brass 5 0.14
EE-5Y20301CO 15mm Brass 10 0.14
FF-5Y20301CO 18mm Brass 5 0.19
GG-5020301CO 22mm DZR Brass 5 0.25
GG-5320301CO 22mm Brass 1 0.28
GG-5Y20301CO 22mm Brass 5 0.27

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