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Conex Bänninger have been providing innovative products and solutions for 110 years. In 1909, Carl Bänninger, established an iron fitting foundry in Giessen, Germany. 

Ten years later in Birmingham, England, the Sanbra Engineering Company was formed (later to become Conex-Sanbra Ltd) manufacturing brass fittings for water applications. In 1994, the two brands merged together to form the leader which is Conex Bänninger today.

The products are manufactured in Poland and Spain.

Since opening in 1909, Conex Bänninger have produced more than 22 billion fittings worldwide. 

Conex Bänninger’s headquarters are based in the West Midlands, United Kingdom, with sales offices and operations across the world, including:
•    West Midlands, UK
•    Linden, Germany 
•    Paris, France
•    Madrid, Spain 
•    Parma, Italy
•    Sady, Poland
•    Florida, USA
•    Dubai, Gulf 
•    Shanghai, China
There are four distribution centres (Poland, Spain, UK and Dubai) which have served more than 100 countries. 

Conex Bänninger’s products are used for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, working with customers in plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration, OEM and specialist applications such as medical gas.

Conex Bänninger’s products have been used in numerous big-scale projects such as Wanda Metropolitano stadium, London Luton Airport and European Space Agency in Western Australia. Other installations include student accommodation blocks, hospitals, universities, schools, churches and offices. View all of our case studies here.  

Conex Bänninger fittings are available across the world and can be found through authorised distributors. Please visit the Contacts page to find your local stockist.

The Products section on the website has all the latest information on the product ranges, including the features and benefits, compatibility tables, standards and approvals, warranty details and more. Relevant downloads are available for each product range too. 

The warranty on Conex Bänninger products differ by range. Please visit the desired product range here to find out more about the warranty.