Innovative Mechanical & Engineering Installation

Why you should use this type of innovative system

• Simplified installation technique                

• Installation time reduction of between 37% - 62%

• Health and safety risk reduced due to no hot work installation; no fire permits needed

• Hydro-mechanical press tool and jaws provide consistent joints

Key product details

• Press-fit joints are suitable for HVAC & plumbing applications operating between – 40 °C to 140 °C (check application)•  Jointing is very quick and easy as the fittings are mechanically formed by pressing with a manufacture approved press tool and jaw set

•  A range of joint types for multiple applications are available in sizes: metric 12 mm to 108 mm in copper, stainless steel and carbon steel: Imperial sizes 1/4" to 4" and metric 12 mm to 108 mm

Key benefits

The system is quick and easy to install, it eliminates the need for brazing and brazing consumables such as weld gas, brazing rods or f lux’s. It is reliable, permanent and tamper proof. Pressing allows work to be completed during working hours without need to isolate or decant working areas giving installation programme benefits. The pressf it systems carry manufacturer’s warranty and can be considered field proven over two decades with millions of press-fit joints installed worldwide.

Installation time savings

Industry guideline unit installation times have calculated that the use of press-connect fittings and copper tube can reduce installation times by up to 68% in comparison to braze fittings and copper tube. This is based on the installation time of a range of commonly used fittings deducted from a bill of materials taken from a job site. 

Skills required

Unlike many traditional systems, performance of the product is controlled. This is due to the simplicity of the jointing technique and the hydro-mechanical press tool and jaw set. Whilst only requiring simple skills manufacturer’s free training is also available for the operatives and certificate given if required.

Commissioning implications

Press-fit joints create less installation debris than traditional brazing allowing for easier pre-commissioning cleaning. This reduces the risk of pump failure, valve blockage or damage to the compressor.

Design implications

Press-fit joint materials should be selected for the right applications and usual considerations such as operational conditions, expansion and bracketing for the material should be taken into account. 

Watch points

Ensure copper tube area to be jointed is in good condition and free from deep scores and scratches. Only approved well calibrated and maintained press tools and jaws from the manufacturer’s compatibility chart should be used for joint process. 

Environmental implications

Open torch brazing releases significant weld fumes into the environment due to brazing gas combustion, such as oxy-acetylene or compressed air/ natural gas mixtures. Jointing of pressf it fittings utilises a cold mechanical joint process, this removes potentially dangerous gas mixtures venting to atmosphere.  

Guideline unit installation times

Taken from ‘LUCKINS HVAC & Plumbing Installation Times Guide’ and checked against other industry data.

  Braze time taken Press-fit time taken
15 mm 90° Elbow   16 min     10 min 
54 mm 90° Elbow    60 min        19 min
22 mm Equal Tee     42 min 17 min
42 mm Equal Tee   71 min   25 min
28 mm Coupling   28 min 13 min 
67 mm Coupling 74 min  26 min

Improved installation time of 62%


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