>B< Push

Wallplate Elbow


>B< Push fittings make installation easy. Simply push and connect to have the perfect joint in a matter of seconds. No need for flux or flame, avoiding health and safety issues.  Whether you are fitting for large scale commercial projects or attending to domestic maintenance work, labour costs and time will be cut significantly. >B< Push is a universal fitting suitable for use with multiple tube types and on a wide range of applications.

Product Enquiry
Item Code Size Material Bag Quantity Pack Weight
BM8472G0150400 15 x 1/2" Brass 5 0.09
BM8472G0160400 16 x 1/2" Brass 5 0.10
BM8472G0180400 18 x 1/2" Brass 5 0.10
BM8472G0180600 18 x 3/4" Brass 5 0.13
BM8472G0220600 22 x 3/4" Brass 5 0.15

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