Triflow Solder Ring

Stop End


Triflow Solder Ring fittings are manufactured from copper and copper alloy with an integral lead-free solder ring that provides a mechanically strong, leak-proof joint without any waste or mess. An easy to use fitting, that is safe to use in a variety of water related applications.

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Item Code Size Material Bag Quantity Pack Weight
TP6108 8mm Copper 25 0.01
TP6110 10mm Copper 25 0.01
TP6115 15mm Copper 25 0.01
TP6122 22mm Copper 25 0.02
TP6128 28mm Copper 10 0.03
TP6135 35mm Copper 5 0.06
TP6142 42mm Copper 5 0.08
TP6154 54mm Copper 2 0.13

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