>B< Stop Valves

>B< Stop Valves

>B< Stop Valves

>B< Stop Valves

Suitable for drinking water installations up to PN 16, the range includes Stop Valves, Stop Valves with integrated backflow preventer and backflow preventer for use in drinking water sized DN 15 to DN 50 with headparts also available separately.

Bodies are made of high-quality pressed brass and are in line with the UBA-requirements for drinking water. Models with backflow preventer are equipped with a stainless steel stem to ensure a long-term use and a long service life. Stop Valves are available with rising or non-rising headparts (handwheel/ knob) and with or without drain valve.

All headparts score with a high strength due to the glass fibre content and as well with their ergonomic shape (non-rising knob). 

Benefits summary

Headparts (handwheel and knob) available as spare parts
Strong and durable materials
Maintenance-free headpart
Suitable for pressure up to PN16
Durable stainless steel stem (models with backflow preventer)

Component materials

Body made of pressed brass
Upper body made of brass with plastic sealing elements
Headparts made of PA6+30% GF (polyamide with glass fiber content)
Sealing elements made of EPDM and POM
Capnuts and washers made of stainless steel 1.4401
Optional drain valve made of brass and polyamide with sealing elements made of EPDM


Drinking water installations
Industrial and process water

Operating parameters

Up to 10 bar operating pressure at temperatures up to 90°C (drinking water)
Up to 16 bar operating pressure at temperatures up to 90°C (water with 6.5 < ph < 9.5)

Approvals and certificates

DVGW certified
FSV PA-IX 16773/I 
KRV & RV PA-IX 16774/I


From 1/2" to 2"

For further information please refer to our Technical Brochure.


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