>B< ACR is a full range of copper and copper alloy end feed capillary fittings, specifically designed for the ACR market. This range is manufactured from thick wall copper tubes to ensure the required wallthickness and to guarantee pressure resistance and durability. 
Our brazing and transition fittings are supplied from the factory with a finish on the internal surfaces that meets the requirements for refrigerant circuits.

The threads of >B< ACR fittings comply with ANSI/ ASME B1.20.1 (NPT threads) and therefore are "thread sealing". NPT threads are not compatible with threads according to DIN EN 10266-1 (ISO7-1).

Benefits summary

High pressure resistance
Corrosion resistant

Component materials

Copper (CU-DHP / CW024A)



Operating parameters

Copper is resistant to almost all commonly used refrigerants and the corresponding mixtures. It is not approved for the use with ammonia (R-717) and sulfur dioxide (R-764).  


ANSI B16.22


From 1/4" to 4 1/8" 

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