Conex Bänninger continues leading the way with air conditioning

Conex Bänninger, one of the longest standing and most well-respected plumbing fittings and valves manufacturers in the world, will be showcasing their >B< MaxiPro and K65 ranges at the AHR Expo in Las Vegas early next year.

The company leads the way with new technological developments that continue to improve domestic, commercial and industrial applications, and prides itself on its 110 years of excellence and innovation, along with their strong reputation for high quality manufacturing and service excellence.

The >B< MaxiPro and K65 product ranges for refrigeration solutions are best-in-class in terms of performance and growth, which continue to lead the way in the US commercial refrigeration market.

The award winning >B< MaxiPro range is an industry leading range, boasting installation ease, performance and reliability.

The innovative >B< MaxiPro press system of copper fittings is a ‘revolution’ that is seeing more installers adopting this new, significantly more productive, and safer technology, moving away from braze.

Delivering significantly reduced installation times, the >B< MaxiPro range is designed specifically for the higher pressures associated with ACR applications, up to a maximum operating pressure of 700 psi.

As a purely mechanical joint, there is no fire risk, therefore no fire watch is required, making it quick and simple to use. The joint is also secure and permanent. Once basic preparation is complete, it takes just 5 seconds to complete the joint, delivering greater productivity for ACR installers and contractors. This provides specifiers the confidence that projects will be completed quickly within reliable time frames.

To produce a permanent tight connection, >B< MaxiPro fittings are pressed over three points, one on each side of the bead and one compressing the O-ring. For additional security, on fittings of ½” and over, a hook ensures that the high pressure performance achieved by >B< MaxiPro fittings is maintained.

The best-in-class K65 brazed fittings, developed in conjunction with Wieland, enable simple, safe and economical installation of high pressure refrigeration applications up to 1885 psi.

The range is particularly suited for use with CO2 (R-744) refrigerant applications as it provides a mechanical strength high enough to withstand the pressure ratings required. In addition, this also enables businesses to retain their green credentials.

The K65 range also has excellent processing properties, similar to those of copper, which means the fittings can be easily brazed to tubing without the need of expensive or special equipment.

Furthermore, the impressive thermal conductivity of K65 enables heat to be transmitted through the pipe with improved energy efficiency, which is higher compared to its stainless steel counterparts, resulting in economical manufacturing and a lighter weight fitting.

The >B< MaxiPro and K65 systems will be displayed at stand C6540 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


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