Install time for supermarket air conditioning system cut by 60% thanks to >B< MaxiPro fittings

>B< MaxiPro
IMMAN Soc Coop
Eurospin supermarket
Cagliari, Italy
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The contractor fitting an air conditioning system at a Sardinia supermarket saved around 60% on the installation time by selecting Conex Bänninger’s flame-free >B< MaxiPro ACR press fittings instead of using the ‘traditional’ brazing technique.


Some 180 >B< MaxiPro fittings and 600 meters of copper pipe were used for the installation of the VRV Daikin system at the new Eurospin store in Quartu Sant’Elena, near Cagliari.

As well as the significant length of time saved, with a subsequent reduction in labour costs, the installation team also benefited from not having to carry heavy gas cylinders up and down flights of stairs.

As >B< MaxiPro is a mechanical jointing system, there is no requirement for unwieldy gas bottles, unlike with brazing, and also no requirement for a hot work permit.

The Daikin plant consists of four external 10 kW units and one of 7kWs, all placed on the roof and which control a total of 19 internal units. The copper pipe and fittings were in sizes from 1/4" up to 1 and 1/8”.

The installer, Guido Mucciga, owner of air conditioning company IMMAN Soc Coop, having been contacted by area agent Giuseppe Pintus immediately expressed interest in the >B< MaxiPro press-fit system, understanding the saving of time and costs.

Another persuasive aspect was being able to overcome the complexity and length of circuits with narrow passage zones.

If a brazing technique had been used, welds would have needed to be carried out behind load bearing columns, making it necessary to use mirrors to ensure the joints were properly executed.

There would also have been waiting time for the welds to cool before the pipes were insulated. Using Conex Bänninger’s press system eliminated this downtime.

The fittings were pressed with Rothenberger press tools and jaws, supplied by plumbing supplies distributor TER.MO.SA, located in Cagliari, where the ACR engineers were trained and certified as >B< MaxiPro installers during a dedicated day.

Guido said: "The estimated time for the plant was reduced by about 60% compared to the traditional technique of brazing. This, in addition to the 10-year warranty issued by Conex Bänninger, was an important element in our choice." 

Area Sales Manager, Domenico Pomposelli, said that initial hesitancy to adopt the innovative press technology is wiped out in the face of the technical characteristics of the product.

>B< MaxiPro is designed specifically for air conditioning and refrigeration applications and the higher operating pressures, up to 48 bar. The fittings have an operational temperature range of between -40°C and 121°C, are UL Listed and are easy to install.

Domenico added: “Generally speaking, all installers who try the flame-free    >B< MaxiPro range of fittings hardly ever go back.”