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Air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, medical and industrial gases, pre-fabrication and off-site installation

OEM Solutions

Conex Bänninger is the established international manufacturer and supplier of components and fittings to some of the world’s biggest manufacturers and OEMs. Our extensive range of off-the-shelf fittings is ideal for a wide range of applications including ACR, medical and industrial gases, and heat pumps. 

In addition, we can demonstrate extensive expertise in producing bespoke specialist fabrications and manipulated pipework that match exact and individual specifications. Both solutions enable our customers to meet deadlines, efficiency targets and environmental objectives.

OEM Solutions

Manufacturing versatility

Our specialist OEM team at our European production facilities utilise forming processes and equipment which include CNC bending machines, end forming on multi-stage machines, end closing of tube and CNC axis T-drill machines. Also within the OEM department are our versatile auto brazing and manual brazing operations, where we have extensive expertise in assembling and brazing fabricated parts up to larger diameters in copper tube.

The team works with a wide range of materials, including copper, cupro nickel, bronze, brass, steel and multi-layered pipe. This manufacturing versatility enables us to meet customers’ exacting requirements, while also providing confidence in achieving outstanding product repeatability.

Working together

We work closely with our customers to ensure the latest standards and regulations in their industry are met, and can assist in achieving just-in-time, Kanban and other lean manufacturing solutions.

During the crucial product development stage, we take a partnership approach to produce a top quality solution, employing our in-house design facilities for essential product design assessment. We also assist with prototypes and pre-production sampling.

Innovation in Action

As well as supplying high quality standard fittings, Conex Bänninger is constantly developing new ranges, such as >B< Press and >B< Push, for hot and cold water and heating applications, and >B< MaxiPro for ACR, all of which offer flame free installation solutions.

These are quick and easy to install, saving on labour costs and offer a secure, permanent, leak proof joint.

Working together

Quality Commitment

Our customers have complete peace of mind that we produce to the same high standards that they do with full ISO 9001 accreditation and strict quality control of all our processes.

Quality Commitment

Supporting sustainability

From start to finish, all our processes come with built-in sustainability. Our ranges are manufactured from recycled materials, and we in turn recycle all scrap.

We believe the environment matters and we have achieved, or in some markets are working towards, ISO 14001 accreditation.

We will work closely with you to achieve your environmental objectives. 

Technical Capability

Our technical capability is extensive. For example, it allows the production of plant room manifolds and couplings in tube diameters from 54mm to 219mm.

Fabrications can be made to designed specifications or we can provide assistance in order to optimise the jointing. We use PN16 Bi metallic flanges unless otherwise specified. 

For OEM components for use with medical and industrial gases, we can put standard production fittings through a rigorous cleaning and degreasing process, which lowers the hydrocarbon residues to less than 1.0mg/dm2; well below that specified for use with oxygen.

Supporting sustainability