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Heating Systems

Fitting ranges suitable to use in heating systems.

<А> Press Inox 316L <А> Press Inox 316L <А> Press Inox M profile is a flame-free fitting, manufactured using high quality stainless steel material which can be used for multiple applications including drinking water.
>B< Oyster >B< Oyster A transitional adaptor for threaded fittings and valves
>B< Press >B< Press Copper flame-free range with a 3-point press system suitable for multiple applications
>B< Press Carbon >B< Press Carbon A carbon steel 3-point press system with a unpressed joint indicator
>B< Press Gas >B< Press Gas A copper 3-point press system for gas, LPG and compressed air
>B< Press Solar >B< Press Solar An innovative 3-point press system for solar applications
>B< Press XL >B< Press XL >B< Press XL fittings are also compatible with a range of press tools and jaws 68 - 108mm.
>B< Sonic >B< Sonic A quick and easy-to-install demountable copper push-fit fitting
Conex Compression Conex Compression The unique ribbed capnut design with multiple tube versatility
Delbraze Delbraze A range of copper capillary braze fittings for multiple applications
Delcop End Feed Delcop End Feed A braze fitting suitable for multiple applications
Series 3000 Series 3000 A range of universal red brass fittings suitable for multiple applications
Series 8000 Series 8000 A range of universal yellow brass fittings suitable for multiple applications
Triflow Solder Ring Triflow Solder Ring A mechanically strong fitting with an integral solder ring