>B< Press Inox

Male Street Bend


>B< Press Inox is a quick and simple to install flame-free fitting, manufactured using high quality hygienic stainless steel material and suitable for multiple applications. >B< Press Inox is designed with an innovative 3-point press system to ensure a leak-free, secure and permanent joint.

Product Enquiry
Item Code Size Material Bag Quantity Pack Weight
PS5030 0150000 15mm Stainless Steel 5 0.09
PS5030 0180000 18mm Stainless Steel 5 0.11
PS5030 0220000 22mm Stainless Steel 5 0.13
PS5030 0280000 28mm Stainless Steel 5 0.20
PS5030 0350000 35mm Stainless Steel 1 0.26
PS5030 0420000 42mm Stainless Steel 1 0.44
PS5030 0540000 54mm Stainless Steel 1 0.51

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