>B< Press

Male Stop End


>B< Press fittings are quick and easy to install and are available in copper and copper alloy. This flame-free range is designed with an innovative 3-point press system which ensures a secure, permanent leak-free joint that is suitable for multiple applications. >B< Press fittings are also compatible with a range of press tools and jaws (please refer to the >B< Press Technical Brochure for more details).

Product Enquiry
Item Code Size Material Bag Quantity Pack Weight
P5290 01500000 15mm Copper 10 0.01
P5290 01800000 18mm Copper 10 0.01
P5290 02200000 22mm Copper 10 0.03
P5290 02800000 28mm Copper 5 0.06
P5290 03500000 35mm Copper 5 0.06
P5290 04200000 42mm Copper 1 0.06
P5290 05400000 54mm Copper 1 0.07

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