>B< Press Inox

Tee - Equal


>B< Press Inox is a quick and simple to install flame-free fitting, manufactured using high quality hygienic stainless steel material and suitable for multiple applications. >B< Press Inox is designed with an innovative 3-point press system to ensure a leak-free, secure and permanent joint.

Product Enquiry
Item Code Size Material Bag Quantity Pack Weight
PS5130 0151515 15mm Stainless Steel 10 0.08
PS5130 0181818 18mm Stainless Steel 10 0.09
PS5130 0222222 22mm Stainless Steel 10 0.12
PS5130 0282828 28mm Stainless Steel 5 0.15
PS5130 0353535 35mm Stainless Steel 1 0.21
PS5130 0424242 42mm Stainless Steel 1 0.36
PS5130 0545454 54mm Stainless Steel 1 0.52

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