Medical Gas

90° Street Bend


Medical Gas copper fittings manufactured by Conex Banninger are scientifically proven to assist in killing pathogenic microbes in the medical, pharmaceutical, food preparation and other health sensitive areas. Medical Gas fittings are manufactured to EN 1254-1, quality assured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, degreased to less than 100mg/m2 of hydrocarbon contamination and comply with HTM 02-01 medical gas pipeline regulations. 

Product Enquiry
Item Code Size Material Bag Quantity Pack Weight
MG5001A0080000 8mm Copper 1 0.01
MG5001A0100000 10mm Copper 1 0.01
MG5001A0120000 12mm Copper 1 0.01
MG5001A0140000 14mm Copper 1 0.02
MG5001A0150000 15mm Copper 1 0.02
MG5001A0160000 16mm Copper 1 0.02
MG5001A0180000 18mm Copper 1 0.03
MG5001A0220000 22mm Copper 1 0.04
MG5001A0280000 28mm Copper 1 0.08
MG5001A0350000 35mm Copper 1 0.16
MG5001A0420000 42mm Copper 1 0.22

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