<А> Press Inox 316L

CxCxMi Branch Tee ISO - 7


&lt;A&gt; Press Inox Mprofile is a flame-free fitting, manufactured using high quality stainless steel material which can be used for multiple applications. &lt;A&gt; Press is installed with a mechanical press tool with a compatible jaw with an M profile to fit each size of fitting required. When pressure is exerted through the press tool the joint is permanently made and the fitting cannot be dismounted or re-used. &lt;A&gt; Press Inox also benefits from patented 'leak before press' O-ring technology which indicates if a joint has not been pressed.

Product Enquiry
Item Code Size Material Bag Quantity Pack Weight
PS26133G0150315 15 x 3/8" x 15 Stainless Steel 10 0.00
PS26133G0150415 15 x 1/2" x 15 Stainless Steel 10 0.00
PS26133G0220622 22 x 3/4" x 22 Stainless Steel 10 0.00
PS26133G0280828 28 x 1" x 28 Stainless Steel 5 0.00
PS26133G0351035 35 x 1 1/4" x 35 Stainless Steel 5 0.00

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